Camec One Key System

Caravan and RV vehicles are equipped with a variety of doors, hatches, vents and outlets that are fitted with different locks requiring different keys to unlock each one. Camec now has a solution that allows you to upgrade each of these locks so you need only one key to unlock them all.

Camec One Key System

Camec One Key System installation

The One Key System is very easy to install onto your current caravan. With these easy steps you will be able to change the barrel of your locks, so they are all keyed alike to the One Key System.

  1. Unlock the door so the key hole is in a horizontal position.
  2. Pop the lock barrel out of the door by using the red key.
  3. Replace the old barrel with your new Camec One Key System – it’s that easy!
Barrel Installation

We can also help you change the compression latch on your caravan. This will save you time and stop you from having to carry around multiple keys for your caravan.

  1. To remove the old compression latch, simply unscrew the back and the lock will drop out from the door.
  2. Take the new Camec latch and put it into the same space as the original latch. You can even use the same bracket to attach it to the door!
  3. Place the new barrel into the lock, and it will click into place.

Now you’ll only need to carry one key around with you while you’re on holidays – leaving more room in your pockets for souvenirs!

Changing the Compression Latch